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  We all know him as Rock and Roll Jesus' ex-powerhouse lead guitarist of eleven years. But Kenny Olson has been crafted several notable side projects since his departure from The Twisted Brown Trucker Band. He's played with 'Pack of Wolves', 'The Flask', and even played with Chaka Khan on a version of 'Little Wing' for the Power of Soul Jimi Hendrix tribute.  Currently he's tearing up Nashville stages with his promising new band 7dayBinge.
  Kenny recently graced the stage at The Ritz in Warrern, Michigan, during The Fabulous Miss Wendy's eye-opening performance, and the blistering duo treated the audience to a guitar duel for the ages.  Afterwards, The  DRB spoke with Kenny regarding his complicated friendship with the artist formerly known as Robert Ritchie.

 There have been rumors you feel Kid Rock has sold out. Whats your opinion of his latest work ?

  I don't know if I ever said that. I haven't heard the whole record, to be honest with you. Its one of those things, where if you came to my house and all the record plaques I have from the five albums we did together, the millions of albums we sold Well, I don't have one plaque on the wall. And all those songs I played on with all the Kid Rock stuff, (that) I have to hear in grocery stores and wherever I go and think 'Oh, hey that's me!!'. Where's the royalty check ? I think Bob is . . I've heard a few of the songs, and they're good songs. I think it's just a little different.

  It certainly isn't 'Devil Without A Cause'.

  It's totally different. Bob and I are like two brothers who have their horns locked over the years. I admire what he's trying to do and as we get older we have to find our niche and reinvent ourselves. But whatever the future has alive for that, I wish the best for both of us and I'm taking the high road. But, I'm still rocking. I been down to Nashville, but I ain't 'countrified'. Country music for me doesn't have a 'o' in it.

  Are you disappointed with the way Kid's career has progressed ?

  Its one of those things where I've had to accept it. Its It's the typical story where the lead guitar player and singer have a falling out. Like I've said, we've known each other forever so it's more like two brothers locking horns.

  Is that how you would describe your relationship currently ?

We hang when were in Nashville, here and there. But we went awhile without speaking, obviously. When I quit, he was mad at me for quitting. I was mad at him for the reasons I quit, but we've managed to talk. On a spiritual level, you cant hold a grudge. I've been on many tours with my peers and people I looked up to and have learned that. I've been on a bus rolling down the road with some of the most amazing musicians over the years from eighty years old to twenty and everyone has their disagreements. Shit happens. Its the music industry. It's creativity. It can be like a bad divorce.

  What do the next two years hold for you ?

 2011. Eleven's my lucky number. I've spread myself so thin, something's about to give. I'm on a boat right now and got a lot of fishing lines in the water. It's going to be a good year. I've been playing on a lot of people's records. Putting my name out there as a cameo appearance thing and I've got several projects of my own. But, the music industry is so up and down, it's like a football game. With a bunch of people who know what they're doing, but the field is still cluttered with a bunch of people who don't know what they're doing. So its kind of hard to pass the ball and make a reception with all that shit going on.

  If you could go back and give yourself career advice in the year 2000, what would you say?

  I was having to much fun in 2000 to take advice from myself or anyone. It's all a blur.

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  1. Wow did Kid Rock fuck someone's gf over there?

    You're right about his music and such changing over the years, but that's not exactly earth shattering news. And music is subjective. Your blog/opinions would probably hold a lot more water if you didn't devote to hate on someone else, especially someone from the Detroit area that has managed to become so successful. You might not like his music and think he's an asshole or a sellout, but shit every music fan on the planet has stuff that they hate. How about using your space to spotlight shit that you like rather than hating on someone? It makes you look petty. Besides, Kid Rock's kind of an easy target, don't you think?