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  Back in 2004, Ondi Timoner produced one of rock and roll's greatest documentaries: DIG!  A movie so cleverly shot and edited, that regardless of one's feelings, whether they be admiration or disgust, toward the two featured bands, viewers couldn't help but be completely captivated.  The film chronicled seven tumultuous years in the careers of two burgeoning indie bands, Portland's The Dandy Warhols, and the revivalist pride of San Francisco, The Brian Jonestown Massacre.  Six years later, both bands are still making solid music.  In Feburary of 2010, the BJM released their twelth studio album 'Who Killed Sgt. Pepper?'  While, The Dandies are still going strong, having recently released 'The Dandy Warhols: The Capitol Years 1995-2007', a summary of their strongest work during their tenure at Capitol Records which includes previously unreleased track 'This Is The Tide'.  The DRB caught up with founding Dandy Zia McCabe as she returned from a triumphant Australian tour and prepares for a two night Portland homecoming at Dantes and Satyricon.

Describe your experience as a female musician within a band of strong male personalities.  Has it been challenging for you to make your voice heard ?

Hahaha, I would like to see the boys'  faces after asking that question.  I'm the loud mouth of the band and one of the strongest personalities.  So neither has ever been an issue.

There are several references to illicit substances throughout the film.  Courtney discusses snorting China White, and you reference purchasing cocaine.  Was drug use prevalent during The Dandy Warhols early, formative years and what effect did it have on the creative process ?

Drugs have been part of our recreational time.  We never really got high to perform or record other than booze and weed.  I mean, music is it's own high right?

One of the most telling sequences in DIG! involved both The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols interacting with police over substance possession.  Was it fate, luck, or the divine hand of the almighty slapping Anton Newcombe, while blessing The Dandy Warhols ?

  I don't remember any scenes with us involving cops.  (Editor* If you watch the film, it was the French highway police)  We just weren't as emotionally damaged in the first place so we were able to keep it together better.

What regrets do you have from the Dig! experience?
  That Ondi didn't use a part of my "where are they now" segment in the bonus footage where I'm asked if there is anything I would like to be included.  I said "yes" and went on to say how I wanted to be to know how close are two bands really were and are.  That they used to all sleep on my living room floor when they would come up to play.  I understand Ondi needed to tell a story but us not getting along and Anton acting all crazy was really only a short period of our now 15 year relationship.

How has motherhood changed your relationship with The Dandy Warhols as a contributing musician?

Hmmmm. I'm hungover way less often. Still consistently late. I think a have a more professional attitude but that might just be getting older.

Do you ever get tired of playing 'Bohemian Like You' night after night ?

 Who will play you in the film biography of The Dandy Warhols ?

Drew Barrymore

How did you first find yourself topless on stage ?

I liked taking my shirt off in sweaty mosh pits (never wore a bra) and so once I was on stage it just carried over.  Just like if I was a dude, when it's hot sweaty and fun, no more shirt.

Is it a challenge for you to perform like that ?

Why would I do it if it was a challenge?

Do you regret the Suicide Girls experience ?

No, of course not. I'm honored to have been the only pregnant suicide girl and I think it was done in good taste.

The Dandies next perform:
October 15th, 2010 at Dantes in Portland, OR
October 16th, 2010 at Satyricon, in Portland, OR

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